An Active Involvement in Missions

Because God’s passionate heart is yearning for souls from the east to the west to bow themselves in utter worship and reverence to Him, our Lord Jesus left His people with the command to go into every part of the earth and preach the Gospel. We realize that sometimes, though our hearts burn within us to fulfill that command, the door doesn’t open immediately for us to go.

By supporting a missionary, you share in their work, and by that become a major part of the warfare for the souls these missionaries are serving among. Another blessing in supporting a missionary is that you will find your heart staying in tune to God’s heartbeat for souls.

There are three areas of support that you can be involved in today: prayer, communication, and giving financially. We need soldiers who will sacrificially commit themselves to give their time and resources in supporting and blessing these missionaries.



Giving Financially

If you have any other questions or suggestions of what you can do to bless a missionary (i.e. scrapbook, birthday card shower), feel free to contact us.